Xircus Core Founders

A vision to bring
everyone to web3

Falco & Mikey's story of creating Xircus

2017: ✨ The Experience

Falco had an idea, he met Mikey thru a gig platform and built a fund raising platform called ICOPicker.

Remarkably, they helped investors and projects connecting through the platform, grown user base from zero to 50,000+ in 2 months. It was a terrible year for crypto, and this made them even stronger

2021: 🎪 Xircus was born

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Something magical happened in 2021, Mikey and Falco back together as co-founder to create Xircus.

An NFT marketplace deployer after seeing the potential of nft marketplaces as web3 e-commerce, crypto as payment for tokenized real world and digital products and services

A vision to help token communities and brands deploy NFT marketplaces

Erik discovered Xircus

Erik de Groot - Chief Operations

The Ticket Master: a certified Xircus OG with codename Patatas Bravas sees the vision of why Xircus is the next big thing

Started as a Community Leader, ranked up as Chief Operations

Q2 2022: 🎪 Xircus becomes Web3 App Deployer

Thea joined Xircus

Thea Vujanovic - Chief Partnerships

Thea, once Xircus's Operations Lead, now serves as Chief Partnership Officer, focusing on LANDCO projects. Her strategic prowess and dedication drive growth and foster key partnerships.

Q1 2023: 🎪 Xircus launched Hackaton in Draper Startup House


Charles joined Xircus

Charles Tan - Chief Strategy

Charles brings expertise in shaping innovative pathways. His strategic acumen drives forward-thinking initiatives. With focus on innovation and foresight propelling Xircus towards success.

Q4 2023: 🎪 Xircus joined InnMind Accelerator

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December 2023: 🎪 Xircus accepted for TON Foundation Grant

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🎪 Xircus: built the first TON x Telegram Mini dApp Deployer

Q1 2024: 🎪 Xircus, 12 out of 200 for TON Bootcamp