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Discover industry-tailored XircusSkins, elevating your dapp's aesthetic with zero coding. Extend its power with XircusModules, integrating plugins and addons seamlessly. Craft more than a dapp – create an unmatched digital journey.

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Tailored, Adaptable, Thriving

  • Effortless Customization

    Switch up your dApp's look instantly, no redesign needed.

  • Tailored Designs

    Industry-specific skins like 'Music' and 'Video' optimize user experience.

  • Future Ready

    Focus on improving, not rebuilding. Our modules make scaling seamless.

  • Adaptable Skins

    Upgrade freely or go premium. Evolve as your dApp grows.

  • Community Powered

    Design, share, and thrive. Offer your unique skins to our ecosystem.

XircusSkins - for Designers!


Join us today to unlock the full potential


Join us today to unlock the full potential


Join us today to unlock the full potential


Join us today to unlock the full potential

Platform Economy

Introducing the Xircus Platform Economy

The Xircus economy serves as the foundation for the entire Xircus ecosystem, seamlessly integrating the token holders, designers community, developers community, and its dApp owners into a unified model.

Self-sustaining token economy

Incentivizing platform users

At its core lie four unique & distinct type of tokens:

  • XW3 for rewards and payments
  • XPS (XircusPunks) for governance
  • XST (XircusSkins) as designer-driven templates
  • XMD (XircusModules) as developer-crafted add-ons.

These tokens serve as a catalyst for collaboration, unlocking scaling opportunities and driving innovation within an interconnected web3 community space. Together, they weave a tapestry of cooperation and growth, shaping the future of decentralized interaction.

A utility token that

progresses with your journey

Products we built

that grows with you

Get started in building your own dApps, currency, crowdfunding campaign and lot more

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Multiple Blockchain Support

Xircus supports multi-chain deployment for multiple blockchain selection

The smart contracts can be deployed to any EVM compatible chains

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