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Unleash the power of decentralized NFT marketplaces, give back to creators what they deserve and let them own their content

Influencers lost ownership to their contents the moment they posted it online. Imagine if they could monetize it?

Music artists only earn a fraction of what they could from music they make. Imagine they could earn what they deserve?

DApps are building their own platforms

And imagine we all could get rewarded by a consumer-centric driven platform, available for everyone.. It's not near, it's here!

Watch How To Deploy NFT Marketplaces Live!

A Ringmaster can be a company or individuals who wants to build and grow their community.

Deploy and launch your first custom marketplace for Non-fungible (NFT) tokens today. It’s easy!

Xircus helps influencers, brands, token creators, dapps or crypto enthusiasts to bring NFTs to mainstream users. It’s a zero-cost decentralized solution to help kickstart your NFT journey in just a few minutes.

  • Deploy your community NFT marketplace in minutes
  • Highly curate NFT collectibles in your marketplace
  • Earn while rewarding community inviters


No development experience needed to deploy your own NFT marketplace where creators and collectors can buy and sell their NFT items


Building and securing tech infrastructure is costly, time-consuming and messy if not done right. Building complex smart contracts can also add up to the cost. We just made it available for you.


Grow your marketplace locally with global reach, we help to cross promote with others marketplaces to introduce cultures and creativity from different countries and regions


Deploy your community NFT marketplace locally and welcome creators and collectors from your community, other NFT marketplaces and from the world

A layer-3 blockchain solution powering

NFT marketplace dapps in no time

Privacy First Authentication

We believe mass adoption starts by making registration quick and easy. We developed our own Authentication API so users can easily sign in anonymously using a unique nonce that is encrypted by the wallet.

Better Infrastructure

We built our infrastructure on the top of high speed and dedicated servers that are capable of handling millions or even tens of millions of requests per minute. We added cloud firewall to ensure that illegal ddos attacks can be blocked instantly.

Developer Friendly

You don't need to stay away from Xircus by just customizing the interface of your marketplace. We are building frontend libraries to integrate with your existing codebase in React, NextJS, Vue, and Angular. And adding support for ecommerce systems such as Shopify, Magento and Woocommerce.

Great Technology Roadmap

We are also building Xircus Mobile and crypto wallet app, Xircus TV app, and chat ordering features


You can deploy our smart contracts to any EVM compatible blockchain. Our contracts are written in Solidity, Rust and WebAssembly for next generation blockchain protocols


Use any ERC20/BEP20 token standard, pair with some stable token from the decentralize exchanges of your choice such as PancakeSwap for BSC and Uniswap for Ethereum


Choose from available user interface that we provide, customize and configure the feel and looks of your community NFT marketplace


Integrate our frontend libraries with your existing codebase written in React, NextJS, Vue, and Angular to connect with our platform


Q1 2021

Smart contracts
Wallet integration
DeFi features
Stablecoin integrated
DAO governance
Decentralized marketplaces
Prototype functional

Q2 2021

Xircus DeFi token
XMT tokens for marketplaces
Cross-chain integrations
Marketplace deployers
Statistic deployer
ERC721 collection deployer
ERC1155 collection deployer
Subdomain provisions via xircusnft.com
Core platform completed
Testnet launch
Launchpad creation

Q3 2021 - Phase 1.0

Xircus 1.0 (Binance Smart Chain)
Onboarding first users
3 token sale stages
Mainnet launch
Music features for music related marketplaces
Features for influencers
Initial Dex Offering (IDO)
Graph protocol integration
EVM compatible-blockchain integrations

Q4 2021 - Phase 2.0

WASM contract creation for Solana, Flow and Near
Xircus mobile app (iOS + Android) release V1 with crypto wallet and AR features
Xircus NFT TV App
Onboarding 2500 ringmasters
Cross promote marketplaces
More marketplaces themes

The Founders

Falco Pangkey

Marketing leader with 15 years of passioned experience in disrupting the industries; Founding member top-200 project "Locktrip" a decentralized ecosystem and marketplace for hotels. Advised and worked on multiple FinTech/blockchain projects from London-based digital banks to even non-crypto projects at "TBWA" one of the biggest agencies in the world and a top #3 employment agency in The Netherlands

Michael Molina

Software Solution Architect with 15 years of solid full stack web, mobile and desktop development, blockchain, devops, cybersecurity, and technical team management experience. Worked and managed projects from top fortune 500 companies in the US, AU and UK such as USSLC, Disney, MTV Networks and Wholefoods Market. Startup founder of a same-day delivery company in the PH

The Xircus Team consists of professionals with years of crypto experience in several popular projects like Akash Network, Mantra Dao, and many more